Friday, May 12, 2006

Commencement 2006

Today is 12 May 2006.

Your author has sent the following letter to Bob Kerrey, President of The New School for Social Research, regarding the commencement of 19 May.

Mr. Bob Kerrey
The New School for Social Research
New York City


I am proud beyond measure to be a graduate (Lang 92) of one of the finest universities since the Peripatetic: The New School for Social Research, where I took my place in the line of John Dewey, Hannah Arendt, and many others.

I am ashamed that you have chosen John McCain as the 2006 commencement speaker.

The New School was founded as a beacon of hope for those marginalized by the American dream. Establishing the University in Exile, The New School offered refuge to victims of fascist persecution. The graduates of The New School have memorably served the cause of humanity in countless ways.

The values of The New School for Social Research are dishonoured by your invitation to McCain, who clings to reaction in craven hope of ascent to greater power, and has yet to make amends for the crime of the Indochina War, a subject with which you are intimately acquainted.

I say this, not only as a New School graduate, but as a pacifist draft resister during the Indochina War. (I am not only Lang 92, but also Federal Felony for Non-Possession of Draft Materials 72, and Presidential Pardon 77.)

When I graduated, the commencement speaker was Eric Bentley: scholar, playwright, friend and translator of Bertolt Brecht. He was worthy of The New School.

I hope you have retained the shreds of decency necessary to be ashamed of the dishonour you have brought upon The New School.


[my real name here]


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